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Regenexx Update June 2013

100_0060 EnhancedIn previous blogs and video links, I have documented my experiences with Regenexx stem cell procedures. If interested, these blogs are posted and may be visited.

The stem cells were injected on December 20, 2012. On January 3, 2013, I had the final injections of PRP and Lysate to facilitate stem cell growth. The general guidelines for recuperation were 6-12 weeks from the stem cell injection date. According to my physician, Dr. Brian Shiple, patients begin normal training/exercise routines by beginning with 20% of normal activities at 6 weeks and adding 20% each week thereafter. At 12 weeks, the patient should be performing activities at 100% of the pre-injection level. These guidelines are typical and also correlate with the stem cell growth period. It is my understanding that improvement may continue up to one year beyond this period.

These guidelines did not reflect my progress. At the 12 week mark, I was experiencing the same level of knee pain that existed prior to the procedure. In fact, the pain may have been slightly worse. Though this would generally be considered a failure, I was still hopeful. However at four months, the pain was comparable to the pre-injection level. At this juncture, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon, and he recommended knee replacements for both knees. As a martial artist and powerlifter, I have encountered athletes who have had joint replacements. They are typically limited and their recuperation period is three months to one year from surgery. I decided that, without the surgery, I would not be able to continue motivating my students due to my limitations. I gave the stem cell procedure one more week to relieve the discomfort before agreeing to knee replacement surgery.

Good news; that week was crucial. I began to experience relief at approximately four and a half months from the stem cell procedure. I began to resume powerlifting, which involves squatting with weights, performing jump kick combinations, jogging and sprinting. The pain factor has dramatically decreased. Typically after such workouts, I would have difficulty walking without pain. This is no longer the case.

I need to qualify the improvement with the following caveats:
My activity level has decreased since my martial arts instruction at Penn State has ended during the summer.
I have been using a Sota Magnetic Pulser to help with the rehabilitation process. I will discuss this more in a future blog.
A local chiropractor has been providing adjustments on a weekly basis.
I have employed prayer, meditation and positive thinking.

I am not ready to call the procedure a total success. The months that follow will further define the results. Given the choice between joint replacement and stem cell injections, I would choose injection as a first option. I wish the FDA would permit the Regenexx group to culture the cells that are removed from the body. This would provide approximately 3 times the stem cell count. This option currently exits if you the patient wish to travel to the Cayman Islands. I will continue to report on the progress in months to come.

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