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Stem Cell Update

July 1st, 2014

logo       It has been 18 months since Dr. Shiple performed stem cell injections to rejuvenate my knee cartilage. I am pleased to report that the procedure was successful. I am running, sprinting, squatting, with heavy weights, and performing martial arts kicks. Yes, there are some days when knee pain is greater than other days, but generally the pain has diminished. Before the injections, the aforementioned activities were very painful and often required me to rest for days between training sessions. Today, I can train daily with little recuperative time. It should be noted that this was not an easy process. I committed my energies to this current level of training. There were many set-backs, but I kept working towards mental and physical rejuvenation. These are my experiences. I am not paid to promote Regenexx or provide medical advice. If you wish to read more on the subject, read Dr. Shiple’s book and information at www.drshiple.com

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