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In the six years since the inception of Ageless/Timeless, I have not promoted any products. This was purposeful on my part. I wanted the site to be an honest representation of my life, and the life of the featured athletes.
There is always a first, and having Penetrex as a sponsor is that first. I am always teaching and training. Every activity, martial arts, powerlifting, and running places a tremendous amount of stress on my joints, particularly my knees, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. I purchased Penetrex from Amazon, because I was encouraged by the testimonials. Many times products that claim to relieve joint pain have no effect. Penetrex was the exception. Using it as directed, I felt a diminishing of knee pain within a week. I have used it consistently since. The relief I have received from Penetrex allows me to train hard with less recuperative times between training sessions. I exercise daily, and some days teach martial arts for 8 hours straight. I need a product that will sooth my knees, and alleviate discomfort, so I can maintain my schedule. Penetrex has served that purpose. It has a light pleasant smell, and does not have that analgesic odor typical of similar products. It is rubbed directly on the skin. I have also used Penetrex for muscles, tendons, and general joint relief. The effect is the same, pain and discomfort is relieved, and inflammation is reduced.
Initially I purchased the smaller jar, but found I needed the 4oz. jar due to amount I was using on a daily basis. I hope you will try Penetrex and get the results I have experienced. To find out more details about Penetrex, visit www.penetrex.net or click on the banner.
It is my goal to provide my readers, honest assessments of exercises, and products that will keep you ageless.
George Kattouf

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