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Ageless Mental Strategies Part 1

An Ageless/Timeless lifestyle is more than just a healthy diet and a challenging exercise regime. Both of the aforementioned are essential in advancing yourself physically. There is one variable that may have an even greater effect on us: the mind. It is a key component that cannot be overlooked. In a series of blogs, I will address strategies I use to ensure that I perpetuate an Ageless/Timeless attitude and mindset.
To date, I am 62 years old. I have never and will never request a senior citizen discount. This is not because I have an issue with saving money. It is because I do not wish to be categorized as a senior citizen. I think of myself as an ageless athlete. By accepting this discount, I am in essence saying that I am old and deserve a break or that I need help because I can’t pay the same amount as someone chronologically younger. I do not want to be identified with this age group. I respect the elderly and those that are on a fixed income, but this is not me. I have observed far too many senior citizens take on the characteristics that society has pronounced as being acceptable for older individuals. The discount is just one of the links in the aging chain that will shackle you if you let it.
You probably guessed that I do not belong to AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Person). This is a huge organization that provides a great deal of valuable information, advocacy, and discounts to its 50+-year-old members. I made the personal decision to not join AARP. It is not for me. By joining, I feel I would be placing myself in a category and group that is contrary to my perspective of myself.
I am not old enough to join Silver Sneakers. Once again, I applaud this program for giving adults 65 and older an opportunity to join a fitness facility which may be covered by insurance and guidance in exercise and health. Once again, I will not join due to the aforementioned reasons.
I am not suggesting that you should refuse senior citizen discounts or avoid joining AARP or any other group that accepts members in a similar age bracket. These are personal choices I have made to strengthen my ageless mindset. This and many other strategies work for me. You have to find your own mental gymnastics to help you prosper. It is imperative that you change your thinking if aging to you is nothing more than a debilitating state that will guarantee deterioration.
Stay Young!
George Kattouf

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