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Master Adam - Ngoc Xuan Nguyen

Ngoc Xuan Nguyen, better known as Master Adam, is a living treatise to the benefits of a lifetime of physical activity and training. Master Adam, a descendant of Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, an 18th century Vietnamese King and Yoga Master, has spent most of his days since he was a child of five practicing and teaching Raja or Royal Yoga. Master Adam's discipline and training is remarkable. He began his training with Grandmaster Ly Xuan Cuong in Saigon, Vietnam, he immediately fell in love with the practice and traditions that had been passed down through generations. In addition to yoga, Master Adam was instructed in Vietnamese Karate-do, and Zen meditation. Anyone that has ever had the honor of training with Master Adam quickly realizes that his form of yoga instruction is significantly distinct from the more gentle versions. Master Adam’s yoga is more analogous to a marine boot camp. He firmly believes in deep core training and aerobic conditioning. One exercise, for example, that he performs in almost every class is his notorious rocket jumps. The practitioner springs up and down with arms swaying from a front prayer pose to full extension behind as he or she springs up and down in a rhythmic manner. Moreover, when his students pose they hold positions for minutes at a time, often quivering from the tension that is placed upon the muscles. If the students thinks that they have reached the fitness wall, he will ask a simple question, ‘What will we do next?’ And in unison most respond, ‘The other side, sir." And it starts all over again, the same pose reversed and held for minutes to the point of exhaustion. This ageless phenomenon is able to outperform all of his students. Age makes absolutely no difference. With catlike ease he assumes a multitude of contorted strengthening moves that appear to defy gravity. His gymnastic- like motions require strength, flexibility, focus, and fitness; all of which are exemplified by the Master.

There is a price to be paid to reach and maintain this outstanding performance level. At four a.m. he awakens to begin his own practice and meditation, two hours before his first students arrive at six a.m. in his Virginia Beach studio. He has continued this training regimen with little or no change for decades. As Master Adam states, ‘The routine gives me perfect balance, great stability, and is extremely powerful in terms of strength and energy." Master Adam has no particular favorite exercise; he loves all of the movements and the techniques associated with the art form that he teaches. As he puts it, "These exercise make you move well, feel great, and look beautiful, bright, and radiant." Master Adam assumes a very relaxed facade that keeps him calm, cheerful, and pleasant. He is at ease, comfortable, content, and he notes, "extraordinary ordinary." Daily meditation has allowed him to cultivate insight, intuition, wisdom, and compassion, with which he has found true peace and happiness. Not only does Master Adam believe that he is more fit than ever, but that the students that train with him for 20 or 30 years experience the same physical benefits and enlightenment. His diet consists of eating healthy and in moderation: soup, fruit juice, vegetables, and lots of water are his forms of nourishment. He does not take supplements of any kind. For those who wish to continue to have a long and prosperous martial arts career, Master Adam’s advice is simple. Learn the proper methods, train intelligently, and leave your ego and aggressiveness at the door. "Share and care and stay true to your practice." The Master does not believe that aging as we define it in western society is valid. He is living proof that with proper care and practice you are always improving. Retirement is not in his vocabulary. As he puts it, "We have many former presidents, ex-governors, retired generals, doctors, lawyers, etc; however, there is no such thing as a retired Master or ex-Master. True Masters always practice. Practice is life and life is practice." He believes that aging is a result of stiffness which results in problems because people do not practice or they practice the wrong way. His goals are to continue to share his knowledge with physical education teachers, trainers, athletes, and medical and healthcare professionals. He wants others to experience the joy and bliss that comes from a lifetime of physical training and meditation. His motto is: "No pain, all gain. Move well, feel great, and look wonderful."

George Kattouf

  • D.O.B. -1952
  • Birth Place- Saigon, Vietnam
  • Residence-Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Height 5' 7"
  • Weight 150 lbs.

Ageless/Timeless Accomplishments

  • Founder International Yoga Institute
  • Instructor and student Royal Yoga since age 5
  • Instructor Vietnamese Karate-do
  • Promoted to Yoga Grandmaster

Ageless ability to perform miraculous yoga movements and positively touch the lives of others



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